Bridge Resource Management Course

Bridge Resource Management (U. S. Navy specific): A five day, forty hour course of instruction, focusing on team building and effective communications within the ship control team and among bridge watch personnel.

Per CNSP/CNSLINST 3505.1B, the Commanding Officer is required to attend the entire 40 hour BRM COI in order for the ship to receive completion credit. The CO must also take the Rules of the Road exam. Any deviation or waiver from this policy must be approved in advance by the CNSP/CNSL N7.

Bridge Resource Management Program Forty Hour Equivalency
Revised 4/23/07
0800Welcome and IntroductionCommunicationsShiphandling and HydrodynamicsBrief and Execute Passage Plan TEAM #1Brief and Execute Passage Plan TEAM #3
0900Situational AwarenessDecision MakingCase Study #4(Simulator)(Simulator)
1000Error Chain AnalysisLeadership(Captain's Standing Orders)(Simulator)(Simulator)
1100Case Study #1TeamworkCaptain/Pilot RelationshipDEBRIEF TEAM #1DEBRIEF TEAM #3
1300Electronic Navigation (ECDIS)Case Study #3Case Study #5Brief and Execute Passage Plan TEAM #2Case Study #6 (simulator re-enactment)
1400Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA)Rules of the Road ExamVoyage Planning & ORM(Simulator)(Simulator) Contact Management
1500Stress and FatigueExam ReviewVoyage Planning (until 1700)(Simulator)(Simulator) Contact Management
1600Case Study #2Simulator OrientationVoyage Planning (cont'd)DEBRIEF TEAM #2Closing Remark and Review