ISIC Assessments

There are two types of ISIC Assessments:

  1. NSST Navigation Assessment     and
  2. NSST Watch Team Evaluation

Both of these events are conducted by the ship’s ISIC utilizing the support infrastructure of the NSST simulators. Scenarios used during these events will be selected by the ISIC and coordinated with the NSST Staff seven days prior to the scheduled event.

NSST Navigation Assessment is a 4-hour ISIC evaluation of the ship’s Bridge and Navigation watchteam during a restricted waters homeport transit. This simulator event will be conducted prior to the Underway Navigation Assessment.

NSST Watch Team Evaluation is an 8-hour ISIC evaluation of a ship’s condition III watch teams. It includes a rules of the road exam and a 90 minute exercise for each of three watch teams.

Each event will be evaluated by the ISIC and results reported to the respective TYCOM N7.