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Welcome to the NSSTraining.net  portal by LB&B Associates Inc. This portal is for official use only for the U.S. Navy’s entrance to the scheduling tool, which provides a secure login for all Navigation Seamanship Ship-Handling Training Course scheduling.

To access current courses available and to schedule training use the Site Navigation Menu on the left side of this page. Click the Courses link to access courses or the Schedules link to securely login to the NSSTraining.net scheduling tool. Each command has a unique user name/ password, usually kept by the Navigator or Training Officer

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NSST Training Requirements. Paragraph 8.g of CNSP/CNSLINST 3505.1B delineates ships’ training requirements under this program. Every ship is required to complete:

For any questions, please contact the Western or Eastern Regional Offices. Contact information is available by clicking here or by selecting the Contacts link to the left.