Sasebo Training Site

Simulator Location

The simulator is located at Sasebo, Japan in the ATG spaces of the Sasebo Maintenance and Training Facility (Building 480)


Building 480 is on the Tategami Peninsula area of the naval base. A key landmark is McDonald’s Restaurant. Building 480 is approximately 150 to 200 yards seaward of McDonald’s and on the opposite side of the street. Upon arriving at the building, take the elevator or stairs to the 4th floor. Cut across the rooftop parking area in an 11 o’clock direction and enter the door. This is the ATG section of the facility.

Mailing Address:

ATG Westpac Building 480
Officer in Charge, Box 79
Beigun Kichi, Fleet Activities Sasebo
Sasebo - Shi
Nagasaki Kan, Japan